The Italian Alps, in the South Tyrol region, also known as the Dolomites, are the northernmost region of Italy. Destination weddings and honeymoons in the Dolomites are an exceptionally unique experience. The scenery is breathtaking. And the cuisine just may be the best you’ll enjoy anywhere in Italy, which, as we all agree, has some of the best food in the world. Here are some of the top reasons why Italian weddings and honeymoons in the Alps are magical.

The scenic view is an experience in itself.

wedding setup in the Dolomites
Dolomite wedding


Mountain weddings are timeless. The scenic and panoramic mountain views in this region of the world are breathtaking year-round. November through March, the spectacular natural backdrop is covered in snow. A picturesque winter wonderland. In spring, the landscape is covered in colorful flowers, and the mountains gleam with a pink hue in the light of the sun. Summer never gets hot. The temperature is comfortable, and because there is so much to do here, you can spend long hours outdoors enjoying all that the region has to offer.  Celebrate with an intimate elopement—just the two of you in this great big UNESCO heritage site.  Or choose a symbolic ceremony with your nearest and dearest in attendance. Are you dreaming of a bigger circle of guests? There is something here for everyone.

If you or your guests arrive early, there are many organized excursions available. Explore the area on your own if you like hiking trails, which are everywhere. Reach the top of some viewpoints by using the gondola or the cable car and feel the total exhilaration of being on top of the world.

Instagram-worthy everything!

wedding couple at an Italian lake
Sarah Longworth Photography

The unique color of the mountain granite under the early morning light and towards evening as the sun sets creates a brilliant hue over the picture-perfect landscape—professional photographers from all over the world flock to the Dolomites to capture this unique beauty. And you’ll be here celebrating your love and commitment to each other! Your guests will be in awe of both your love and the destination. Can you just imagine your Instagram feed blowing up?

There are no shortages of “perfect spots” for your pre & post wedding pictures. The wild mountain lakes that are in abundance in this glorious Italian wedding destination, sparkle like sheets of glass under the Alpine sun.  A very famous lake in the Dolomite region is the “Lago di Braies. “ Lake Braies is the choice for couples to come in the early morning hours for a boat ride that promises romantic solitude. One awesome picture after another will make it hard to select the final images for your special wedding album.

Italian cuisine & Alpine flavors

wine cellar
Ciasa Salares

We’ve already agreed Italian cuisine is among the best in the world. Well, in South Tyrol, the flavors and the quality of the natural products is unmatched. Grass-fed beef and lamb. Fresh fish from Alpine lakes. Farm to table organic produce. Plenty of wide-open grazing options. Combine this with some of the best chefs in the world, and you have what is considered pretty close to perfection. It’s been stated before, and we’ll state it again here. There are more Michelin starred restaurants in this region of Italy than anywhere else in this incredible country obsessed with gastronomy. We can arrange wine tasting, cheese tasting, even chocolate tasting!

Stunning indoor/outdoor venues for the best weddings year-round.

indoor outdoor venue suspended on the side of a mountain
Castel Fragsburg

There is no shortage of options for a Dolomite wedding or honeymoon. Spring & summer wedding backdrops are neverending verdant mountains, meadows, and hillsides laden with abundant foliage. Windowsills are bursting with flowers against the Apline architecture of white concrete and dark wood. Fall & winter weddings are enveloped in rich reds and oranges, and snow that glistens like crystals under the sun. Choose a majestic castle or hunting lodge overlooking the valleys for your nuptials. Perhaps a stunning mountain retreat is more your style? You’ll find elegant and refined hotels with amazing views. And of course, there are luxurious and cozy chalets in the heart of the mountains to escape to. All the options feature cozy inside spaces by a warm fire. Or a hillside near a mountain cabin. Dolomite weddings and honeymoons promise serenity, majesty, and grace.

Alone with Nature

wedding couple in greenery circled arch
Florian Andergassen Photography

Getting married in the heart of the Italian Alps means you’re likely to have an uninterrupted experience. Just the two of you, your families and your friends. No strangers wandering the area. Intimacy and privacy are pretty much a guarantee. And the professional wedding vendors in the region know exactly how to achieve exactly this.

bride with 2 bridesmaids in the snowy mountains
Florian Andergassen Photography

Everyone dreams of going to Italy. Combine this dream with a destination wedding and/or honeymoon in a part of Italy still relatively undiscovered by Americans, and you will have the wedding you’ve always imagined. Flawless.

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Pamela Pizzardo

Contributed by Pamela Pizzardo, of Pamela Pizzardo weddings. Pamela is the proud mother of a lovely daughter and has made a profession out of her passion for weddings. Her regions of specialty are the Dolomites and Lake Garda, Italy.

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