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Wedaways was inspired by a profound passion for travel, weddings, and luxurious experiences.

Luxury Travel, Wedaways Travel

Connecting the Global Wedding Community with Luxury Hospitality and providing Travel Services

Meet Our Mother-Daughter Duo...

Luxury travel, Wedaways Travel

Adding value to our relationships is what drives us

Renée Strauss & Pamela Goldman

Renée takes the helm of E-Marketing, FAMs, Social Events, and Styled Shoots, ensuring our partners receive top-notch promotional support. Meanwhile, Pamela leads our travel and social media teams, orchestrating unforgettable experiences and engaging content. With their never-ending passion, they traverse the globe, staying ahead of travel trends, fostering relationships with event planners and luxury hotel partners, and attending prestigious travel trade shows worldwide.

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Meet Renée Strauss

My professional journey has been a rich tapestry of experiences, shaped by the people I’ve met and the challenges I’ve overcome. Each encounter, whether serendipitous or intentional, propelled me toward greater strength, resilience, and ultimately, success.

Along this journey, I’ve fulfilled a lifelong dream: building an international travel company. This achievement, which I’ve pursued throughout my career, is now a reality, made possible by the invaluable personal and professional bond I share with my daughter, Pamela.


Renée oversees the diverse marketing programs we offer our partners on both sides of the aisle: Event Planners and Global Hospitality.

Wedaways Travel, Luxury weddings

Meet Pamela Goldman

As Wedaways’ lead travel advisor, I’m committed to ensuring that travel experiences are nothing short of seamless and extraordinary. With my dedicated team of five, we work tirelessly to curate unforgettable journeys tailored to your preferences.

My love affair with travel began in childhood, igniting a lifelong passion for exploring the world’s wonders. From a young age, I harbored a deep sense of wanderlust, and as a young adult, I made it my mission to incorporate overseas experiences into my life whenever possible. This led me to pursue part of my university degree in London and complete my Master’s degree in Tel Aviv.

Throughout my travels, I’ve had the privilege of visiting 67 countries and counting, each one leaving an indelible mark on my soul. However, perhaps the most rewarding aspect I look forward to is the adventures I will share with my two young sons, exposing them to the beauty and diversity of cultures around the globe.

For me, travel isn’t just a hobby; it’s a way of life—a journey of discovery, connection, and growth. And as your trusted travel advisor, I’m here to help you embark on your own extraordinary journey. Welcome to Wedaways!

Forging meaningful connections…

At the core of Pamela’s travel expertise lies a deep immersion in diverse cultures and experiences around the world.

Luxury travel

Only the Best

The dedication of Renée and Pamela is evident in their philosophy of maintaining the highest standards, which is mirrored in the partners they choose to collaborate with.

These partners include industry leaders such as event planners and global hospitality representatives, who excel in every aspect of their service. Carefully selected based on their commitment to providing luxury experiences, unparalleled attention to detail, and unwavering dedication to exceptional customer service to ensure that every client experience exceeds expectations.



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