The day you’ve been excited about has finally happened – you’ve been proposed to (or you’ve done the proposing)! Amid all the flutters and excitement, you start dreaming about the perfect wedding day. And then, you take on the daunting task of planning it. It’s a lot! So, it’s perfectly normal if planning your honeymoon comes in second.

They say it’s the trip of a lifetime. It may be the longest and biggest splurge of a trip you’ll ever embark on! And you may think that there’s not much planning involved. You’ve traveled to different places before, and it’s nothing new for you. Well, it may not be that simple!

Read on for the ultimate guide to planning your honeymoon – a comprehensive list of the many (not all) steps needed to make your honeymoon dreams come true from a professional travel advisor’s perspective. And learn why you should ultimately trust an expert to help you get the job done – in the most stress-free, cost-effective, and enjoyable way possible!

1. Research, research, research

Step one is simple. Do your research. Look into the best destinations for honeymoon travel and the best accommodation options in each destination. Read online reviews and first-hand experiences. Take into consideration the popularity of the destination vs. practicality and privacy. Be selective with the information you take on – don’t trust everything you read online! And most importantly, once you’ve delved deep into the web, discuss the right choices for you as a couple!

This may seem simple, but it’ll require hours and work. And even then, the knowledge acquired won’t compare to a travel advisor’s expertise. Their experience and connections can unveil exclusive offers, unique experiences, and hidden gems, ensuring your honeymoon surpasses expectations. Ultimately, blending your research with a travel advisor’s guidance presents a more holistic and informed approach to crafting a dream honeymoon.

planning your honeymoon

2. Find the perfect destination for you

Ok, so you’ve done all the hard investigative work. Now comes the fun part: deciding on the perfect destination(s)! Take everything you read and figure out which location excited you the most. Which one left you with butterflies in your stomach? What keeps popping into your head? Is there one you are BOTH equally excited to visit? And if the choice is too hard, remember! You don’t have to stick to just one. It’s THE trip of your life. Make it count!

It would be best to always consult your travel advisor for guidance. Be open about what you want and what you’re thinking so they can help you sift through all the options and curate the best possible destination for both of you. Sometimes, advice from an impartial third party—especially if they’re an expert traveler—is the best way to reach a decision!

3. Narrow down the dates

After you’ve figured out the destination, the next big thing is narrowing down the dates. There’s a lot to take into account. How long are you planning to travel for? The average honeymoon is seven days – but is that enough to take in all the excitement of your first married days? Of course, it all depends on how long you can stay off work. There are a lot of logistics to go over!

Who better to help you with this than an expert? A good travel agent understands what you want but also knows the destination and what’s worth exploring. Not to mention, the perfect number of days will keep you within your budget while still enjoying the best of the location.

Let’s talk about the ‘when’. The time of year you choose can make a difference. Are you going to a beach destination? Many destinations have summer weather all year round. Would you enjoy a snowy paradise? It would be a shame to get there and find out that the snow had melted away. Again, research is vital here – or better yet, a helping hand from a knowledgeable travel advisor who can give you the correct answer in seconds. Either way, find out the best time of year to visit your dream honeymoon destination before booking anything!

4. Make sure you meet the Visa requirements and all your documents are in order

This is extremely important! Always review the visa requirements for your chosen destination (and layout destinations) before booking. Plus, check that your passport and all other documents are current. Make sure to dot all the “i” s and cross all the “t” s. Your passports must be valid for at least six months from your date of return.

A travel advisor understands the ins and outs of travel. They will make sure that these small details – that can quickly turn into giant mishaps – are all taken care of. No need to stress whether you’re missing something huge – they will know if you are!

planning your honeymoon

5. Accommodation is vital when planning your honeymoon

Don’t underestimate the quality of your accommodations! Even if you plan to stay out and about all day, the best-newlywed memories are built in the privacy of a romantic suite or on a stunning hotel rooftop overlooking the sunset. Trust us, luxury accommodation will make all the difference when you’re tired and want nothing more than to cuddle and connect in a beautiful and unique environment.

However, it’s hard to choose the perfect hotel just by looking at pictures online or reading random facts or reviews. It’s always safer to trust in a professional who has worked with different hotels – perhaps has even visited many of them – and knows which ones are special and suit you best! Not to mention that with their connections, they can add lots of perks – some that you didn’t even know were possible. Like resort credits, daily breakfasts, upgrades when available, and more!

6. Book well in advance

Now that the plans have been made, give your advisor the green light to make the bookings! It’s never too early to get the ball rolling on booking flights and accommodation or filling in visa applications. You’ll most likely get the best flight itinerary and find availability at your dream hotel. And this goes for everything else – activities, restaurants, and tickets. Don’t procrastinate. You won’t have to when you work with a travel pro. They should keep you right on track.

They will guide you on the best timing for each step. Then, you’ll never have to feel stressed about when to book something or if you’re cutting it a little close. All you need to do is follow the wise guidance of someone who knows the world and all about romance travel.

 7. Plan the itinerary together

It’s time to start thinking about all the fun things you’ll experience together! Here’s our #1 tip: ensure you are both in the know and agree on all the activities! Having one partner do the leg work of planning your honeymoon is common. And it’s also very common for that partner to enjoy the trip more than their better half. So, make sure the itinerary fits both your travel styles. You’ll create the most magical memories and avoid little annoyances and disagreements!

If you and your partner have very different travel habits, an advisor can help you merge the best of the two worlds. They can suggest the best activities and the ones that are not all that. And they will craft an itinerary that’s just right – a perfect balance between you and your better half – just like marriage!

8. Schedule plenty of romantic time

Don’t forget that this is a HONEYMOON and not just any old trip! Romance is the “it” word here! Schedule couple’s massages, private dinners, sunset moments, and little surprises for each other. Ultimately, your honeymoon is about spending quality time together that you’ll reminisce about for the rest of your lives!

Ask your advisor what the most romantic activities are in your chosen destination. How can they help you plan a fantastic secret date amid your busy honeymoon? The latter will be hard if you don’t have a third party helping!

9. Give yourself enough downtime

We get it! Planning your honeymoon is exciting. Dreaming about all the incredible experiences and fun activities makes you want to do them all. But don’t overwhelm yourselves with an overbearing itinerary. Rest and connection time are just as crucial as the exhilaration of visiting a new place! Don’t overbook to the point where the focus is no longer on the both of you having a fantastic time together.

A travel advisor—particularly one specialized in honeymoons like Wedaways—understands this and can help you find the perfect balance.

10. Plan for Plan B

Perfecting plan A is essential, but never disregard a good plan B! When traveling, you never know what to expect. Whether rain suddenly appears even though sunny skies were forecasted, or your phone battery suddenly dies, and you’re trapped in the middle of an unknown location, or your credit card isn’t working, everything will work out – if you prepare accordingly. So, pack your umbrella, prepare alternate bad weather-friendly activities, bring an external phone battery, and bring extra cash. Go over every possible thing that can go wrong. So if it does, you’re ready for it!

But there are so many things that can go wrong. How can you prepare for all of them? Or even have the imagination to think of what they could be? If something goes wrong, a travel advisor probably has experienced it with one of their clients. That’s why a professional is a must! They will let you know what to prepare for and how.

11. Book restaurants and activities ahead of time

We can’t stress this enough! Don’t wait to book restaurants or activities while you’re there. First, the best options may not be available anymore. And wouldn’t it be a shame to miss out on some of the best experiences of your life because you didn’t do your homework beforehand? Second, the last thing you’ll want to do on your honeymoon is to be on your phone, trying to frantically decide where to eat or what to do the next day. Get everything done before embarking on that plane!

Or better yet, have your advisor—someone who’s experienced and knows the destination—book them for you. They will know which spots or activities to book and the right timing. And the cherry on top, they likely have some inside knowledge and connections.

12. Get travel insurance

GET TRAVEL INSURANCE—We can’t stress this enough. Don’t leave anything to chance. Good travel insurance could be a lifesaver—literally!

We understand that finding the best insurance is complex and may require research. This is another significant way a travel advisor can be your greatest asset! They will refer you to the right company.

13. Start packing!

DO NOT leave packing to the last minute. Start making a mental list (or a physical one) a few weeks before departure. That will give you time to buy anything you’re missing or grab that one item from the dry cleaners or your parent’s home!

Also, don’t forget to double-check and triple-check the weather. And then pack accordingly – warm sweaters and umbrellas for rainy weather and light clothing and sunscreen for warmer days!

Of course, a travel advisor can also give you the best tips for what to include in your bag!

planning your honeymoon

14. Trust in Wedaways

I’m sure you understand the value of hiring a professional to help you with your honeymoon planning by now, but let us reiterate.

Why waste hours and hours searching the internet for a result that will not give you the same perks and inside knowledge that a travel advisor can? Wouldn’t an hour-long discovery call with a professional who truly knows the world, the destinations, the travel logistics, and the accommodations within them make more sense? Or why waste money on small things you could save by working with an advisor with access to the best insights, partners on the ground, and hidden travel secrets?

It’s plain and simple. Planning your honeymoon is NOT the most time-efficient, cost-effective way to design a trip you will never forget. The good news is you don’t have to. Wedaways is your honeymoon travel solution! With vast experience in honeymoon travel, Wedaways can guide you through this demanding journey, making your experience much more enjoyable and saving you time, money, and stress!

15. Enjoy and take lots of pictures!

There’s nothing else to do but enjoy your trip and have the time of your life! And don’t forget to eternalize the moment by taking many pictures to remember it!

Safe Travels!

The best is yet to come!