Portugal: Diverse and Beautiful

Everyone is buzzing about Portugal being Europe’s hottest destination. Once you’ve arrived, it’s not easy to choose just one destination to visit. The country is diverse with an impressive array of options to offer, albeit cozy and small.

Some of the unique and charming regions for Portugal weddings are the Algarve, (furthest south)  one of the most flora- and fauna-rich regions of the country. With sublime temperatures all year, you can enjoy beautiful beaches, an abundance of golf courses, casinos, marinas, boat trips, nightlife and cuisine for all tastes. The Silver Coast, a popular spot for Portuguese to enjoy summer holidays. Lisbon, the capital featuring a stunning mix of historical sites and modern wonders. Porto in the north, Portugal’s largest city, is a beautiful region with stunning landscapes and spectacular vineyards, as well. And then there is Alentejo, Portugal’s largest region, with untouched coastline (Costa Vicentina) and world-class vineyards making it a wine-lovers paradise.

Weddings, Honeymoons, Elopements

All of these region and city descriptions make this country sound huge!  But the fact is that arriving by plane to Lisbon, the capital, you are, roughly a 3-hour drive in either direction to any spot in Portugal– it’s that petite!  And because of the diversity from region to region, you really can have it all whether planning your destination wedding, elopement or honeymoon!

Fall in love with Portugal and experience what we know:  that this beautiful country by the sea is a magical place to celebrate your dream destination wedding witnessed by your closest friends and relatives. Wedding pros are at the ready to assist with a full weekend itinerary of experiences and celebrations, building beautiful memories.

You can travel between the Douro River vineyards, the artistic Porto, the historic and sporty Centro de Portugal, the modern and buzzing Lisbon, the golden plains of Alentejo, the Mediterranean feel of the Algarve… And, of course, the islands, Madeira being more cosmopolitan and the Azores more pristine. All the unique and charming regions of Portugal are close enough to enjoy during a week’s visit. Wedding guests often remain in Portugal to travel on their own for several days post-wedding to tour and get to know our beautiful country. And honeymooners never want to leave.

Beach Weddings

How about a beach wedding? There are miles and miles of coastline waiting for you: the warm beaches in the Algarve and the Madeira Islands, the deserted and still quite wild beaches in Alentejo, the fancy beaches along the Estoril and Cascais coast, the surfers’ beaches in the West, and the gorgeous traditional beaches up North.

Beach location for wedding

Urban Weddings

Looking for a more urban vibe? You’ll find that the major cities are utterly cool, and Lisbon and Oporto have the best sunset cocktail parties, the best esplanades, the best chefs, the trendiest nightspots, the best contemporary hotels.

Castle Weddings

Dreaming of a palace or a castle wedding? One of Portugal’s most appreciated treasures is its history, beautiful architecture and monuments are all over the country.

Portugal castle wedding

Countryside Weddings

Does your heart belong to the countryside? The Alentejo plains, the Douro vineyards, or the amazing natural beauty of the Azores Islands are just a few of the amazing spots available.

A few fun facts foodie couples love to learn:

  • Spanish superstar chef Ferran Adria once declared that Portugal’s Atlantic waters have the best seafood.
  • This is the nation that consumes the most rice in Europe.
  • Portugal produces many award-winning olive oils.
  • There are many Michelin star restaurants throughout the country.
  • The cinnamon-sprinkled custard tarts invented by monks in Lisbon’s Belem district (pasteis de Nata) may be the country’s most iconic pastries.

So, visit Portugal and find a perfect location to treat and surprise your family and friends; a warm, sunny and bright atmosphere; breathtaking landscapes; delicious cuisine and wines; and a wide range of places to stay, stunning wedding venues and the best wedding vendors in every category. The talent and creativity here rival Provence, France or Tuscany, Italy.  We invite you to fall in love with Portugal and experience what we know: that this beautiful country by the sea is a magical place for your dream destination wedding.

Portugal looks forward to welcoming you!

Written By: Susana Esteves Pinto

Designer by training, content curator by calling, wedding expert by experience. Find me at wearethedestination.com & instagram.com/wearethedestination

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