What Inspires Newlyweds To Take Seaside Honeymoons?

Most of us live busy, chaotic lives.  And couples preparing to get married experience this on a heightened emotional level.  Fast-forward to the honeymoon.  Seaside honeymoons may just be the first step in setting the tone for married life.  Maintaining romance in a relationship after so many decisions have just been made, and so many other […]

Personalizing Winter Holiday Weddings

Winter is an awesome season for destination winter holiday weddings. Whether you are off to the snow or headed for the beach, here are a few tips with a twist that is sure to inspire. Very often couples choose winter holiday weddings to ensure the likelihood of their families attending. Here are my top three tips for […]

Your Wedding Color Palette Is Your Canvas

Let’s say that all your life you’ve loved the lavender color palette: You’ve painted your bedroom with it, filled your closet with it, and even dyed lavender streaks in your hair when you were in college. And now you’re getting married and want the entire wedding to be, yes, lavender! Sound amazing? Maybe not… While […]

5 Tips To Get You Started Planning Your Dream Honeymoon

I’ve heard many couples say, “I’m leaving the planning of our dream honeymoon to Mr/Ms. Wonderful…he/she’s going to surprise me!”.  And I’ve heard it said equally as many times, “If I didn’t get involved in the honeymoon planning, we would have never had one!”.  Bottom line, this trip of a lifetime is better planned by […]

When The Father Of The Bride Is Your Wedding CFO

Often, producing a wedding feels similar to running a corporation—but with the added stress of emotion, of course.  When the father of the bride is paying for the event, he essentially becomes the wedding CFO. And, like all CFOs, he needs to have a clear understanding of why the expense you are presenting him costs […]

Top 10 Moroccan Honeymoon Destinations

Morocco has some of the most dramatic and diverse landscapes found in any country. And it’s so rich in history. In one trip it’s possible to visit ancient cities and swim in two oceans. You can ski in the mountains and go camel trekking in the spell-binding Sahara desert. You can go glamping and attend […]

How To Determine Your Wedding Styles: Formal, Semi-Formal, Informal?

All wedding couples are beautiful. When you feel beautiful, you have a natural glow that makes you shine from the inside out.  But how will you decide on wedding styles that truly reflect who you both are?  Will it be formal, semi-formal or informal?  And how do you know the difference?  How will you keep […]

7 Tips On Choosing Your Dream Destination Wedding Location

So you are from one part of the country and Mr./Ms. Wonderful is from another, yet you met and now live in a city all your own? All your family and friends are scattered throughout so many different places. How do you decide on the perfect dream destination wedding spot to host your nuptials? According […]

Destination Wedding Guest Gifts: Are They Necessary?

So you’ve RSVP’d that you’ll be attending your dear friend’s destination wedding.  That’s exciting!  A chance to celebrate with them and an opportunity to travel to a new place!  You may think that spending a small fortune just to get there should suffice, and a gift isn’t necessary, right?  I know this may be painful, […]



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